Style Kits 1.3.8 – Improved import method and template gallery

We are truly excited to present you Style Kits version 1.3.8, which brings us a step closer to Style Kits Pro, and introduces a number of enhancements and fixes. Let’s see what’s new.

Optimized Template Gallery

Template Gallery got a fresh coat of paint. And templates are not grouped by Template Kits. That’s right, from now on, there will be no orphan templates from Analog WP. We aim to provide a holistic layout system packed as template kit, that will give you the flexibility to scale up or down the template you use.

You can still view all the individual templates if you wish, by clicking switching the “Group by Template Kits” toggle.

5 new, FREE templates for the Tek template Kit

We heard that you really liked the Tek template, so guess what. We included 5 new free templates and now Tek has become a full-fledged template Kit that is purposefully minimal and flexible. Of course this template kit comes with a Style Kit, so changing fonts, colors, button styles and spacing across your entire template kit, literally will take you minutes. Visit the Tek Demo here.

Or if you need inspiration, apply any of the other available Style Kits on the templates and instantly get new styling ideas and inspiration. Customize, and make it your own.

New Template import method

The latest version introduces a more efficient way of managing Style Kits and imported Templates. As mentioned above, now all templates in our library are grouped in template kits, and each template kit is using a single Style Kit.

Now when you import a template from the Style Kits template library, you can choose to import and assign the default Style Kit of the template Kit, or any of your available Style Kits.

Read more about this in the Docs.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

In addition to the above, many meaningful improvements have taken place in the workflow context. Dividers now inherit the accent color by default. The icon widget now fully obeys the Style Kit color palette as well. Minor required tweaks in styling inheritance took place too in several areas of the code.

You will also find fixes for conflicts that were reported by users when using Elementor Custom Skins and Anywhere Elementor.

Preview of Pro Template Kits

Towards the path for Style Kits Pro, we thought it would be good to give you a brief idea of what we have been working on in terms of template design. In the Template gallery, switch the “Show Pro Templates” and you will be able to see all the Pro Template Kits that will be available at the early stage of Style Kits Pro.

If you are interested in Style Kits Pro, feel free to sign up for a special pre-launch discount. We target a release date for December 2019.

Multisite network of template Kit Demos

Probably the most important optimisation was an internal one. We re-worked the entire setup of previewing template Kit demos, and optimized our entire workflow for creating / distributing and updating templates. We now maintain a finely tuned multisite installation of demo sites. Here is how it works:

  • All the templates in the Style Kits template Gallery have been grouped in Template Kits
  • Each template kit has a dedicated demo / preview site, running on Hello theme, Elementor and Style Kits. For example, all the templates in the Kali template pack live in their preview site.
  • Each preview site / template kit is also using a Style Kit.
  • When we create or update a template in the template kit, this gets updated and synced with the Style Kits template Gallery.

This saves us literally tens of hours of maintenance and extra work, and provides a solid multisite environment for managing all the preview sites efficiently. Our template kits are living organisms that get nurtured, developed and optimized, and they deserve an ongoing attention.

Wrapping up

After a month of silent work and a number of challenges, we consider this release to be our most important to date. We feel really excited about what the future brings, and as always, we look forward to your input and feedback.

Team Analog

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