Terms of Use

Template licensing

Our templates come with simple licensing and are tailored to provide peace of mind and no friction with your workflow. You can use them on personal and client projects. Defining:

  • Personal use
    Use in an unlimited number of projects you own, commercial in nature or not. For example, you own an e-shop from which you make a profit. Totally fine, we actually encourage you to use our templates.
  • Commercial
    Use in an unlimited number of client projects for which you are being paid for. This is absolutely fine too.
    Note: If however, your client wants to re-sell the template, he will need an extra license, and the same terms will apply for him as well.

What you cannot do with our products

  • You may not give for free, borrow, resell, distribute, rent our plugin and/or the provided templates unless you have written permission from us.
  • You may not resell the templates individually or as part of a collection.

Template Assets

The templates include several images and illustrations that are imported into your website. And we have done a pretty good job on minimizing the friction between what you see in the demo and what you import. This is why most of the stock images are from Unsplash, and you can read the license here.

Watermarked images

In the rare case that an asset is tied to a license (for example an icon set or a custom header illustration) it will be imported with watermarks. This is very rare and happens because the license would not allow for re-distribution of the assets. We make sure to use such watermarked images only when we know that they will be replaced (product placeholders, mockups etc) with your actual content. So, If we use a premium design asset in a template demo, we will let you know up front, and link you to the source.  If the image comes watermarked, it means you will need to get a license if you want to use the exact same one.

Any design asset that is foundational to the layout structure is granted to be included and license-free.

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