A set of tools for extended global design control

Power-up your Elementor design workflow with an intuitive set of controls that help you create more consistent layouts, across your entire site.

Global Variables

Global Style Kit Colors and Fonts

A new set of Global Color and Font variables to control and maintain your color and typographic styles neat and tidy.

Extend global theme styles with an insanely-useful set of options

The perfect companion to Elementor's Theme Style options, Style Kits adds more flexibility to your global design.

Style Kits panel in ELementor theme styles sidebar

Container padding

We already started supporting the upcoming Flexbox Container element, and released an experiment for spacing presets. Try it out today.

Shadow presets

Globally manage shadows by using and creating your own shadow presets to apply on containers and many more elements.

Text and Heading Sizes

Get total control over Elementor's Text and Heading sizes and create your own size-scale.

Button Sizes

Enjoy styling control for each button size and stay consistent throughout your entire layout system

Background color classes

With three intuitive background color classes, this is an easy way to control background colors and content of any section or container, across your entire website.

Column Gaps

Still using columns and sections? Harness the power of Column gaps, one of the most essential aspect of your layout spacing system and instantly achieve site-wide spacing consistency for your columns.

Outer Section Padding

Outer Section Padding allows you to manage the spacing of your primary sections, and avoid copy/paste of padding values among your sections.

A Style Kits walkthrough

See how Style Kits work with these short videos.

Play Video

Importing Global Style Presets

Play Video

Importing Patterns into your layout

Play Video

Working with global spacing presets

Play Video

Global Style Kit Fonts

Play Video

Global Style Kit Colors

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Cloning a Style Kit

The tools you need to get started on a solid design foundation in Elementor.

"I love this plugin so much, not only are the designs amazing, but the control it allows you over global elements are priceless."

Global theme style presets

Ready-made global site presets that you can import and customise

Container-based Patterns

A mix-and-match library of globally controlled patterns made with containers

Download the free version of Style Kits

The free version of Style Kits is available in the WordPress plugin repository, but you can stay in touch with us by joining our mailing list for product updates, workflows and more.

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