Style Kits bring essential design controls inside the Elementor Editor

With Style Kits you have a single point of control for all the essential design styles of your layouts. Save them as a Style Kit, and re-use on any page, or set a Style Kit as Global and manage your design site-wide.

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Here is what you can control with Style Kits

Headings and Text

Enjoy total, responsive control over your Typography, through dedicated panels for Body and Headings.

Responsive Column Gap control

Manage the available column gap spacing scale with responsive controls.

New! Global Button Styles!

Control the color and styling for every size of your Elementor buttons

Easy Style Kit Management

Import and export your style kits, and normal custom post types.

Site wide styling with a Global Style kits

Assign a Style Kit as Global, and it will apply on all the Elementor pages in your site.

Text and Heading Size controls

Get styling control over the default typographic sizes in Elementor.

Save your styles as a Style Kit and re-use on any page

Once your typography, colors and spacing is all-set, you can save them as a Style Kit. Now you can set a Style kit as Global and it will be applied on every page.

Want to use a different Style Kit on a specific page? Not a problem, simply select the Style Kit you want from the dropdown, and it will override the Global one.

"When I saw Style Kits, my jaw dropped. THIS is the final piece of the puzzle that makes building truly scalable layouts with Elementor a reality. Absolute genius! Style Kits changes everything"
Dave Foy
No Fear Funnels
"Style Kits solve the real problem you would face while building websites with Elementor - Global Styling Controls. Changing style settings for every element is a painful task and can lead to inconsistent design. Style Kits beautifully handles everything."
Puneet Shahalot
Idea Box Creations

Manage Typography for text and headings

Style Kits give you total control  over the typography of your headings and text, as well as native Sizes.

Export CSS

With a single click you can export all the custom css included in your Style Kit, and use them in your child theme.

New! Manage Button Styling for every Button Size

Version 1.3 Introduces button styles for every size, so you can set your default style for each size and manage them with consistency and flexibility.

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Global Colors

Global, dynamic colours that sync with your layouts (and the colour picker.)

Section Gaps

Like Column Gaps do for columns, section gaps define the padding for the external (container) sections.

Style Kits Pro

Premium features that will power-up your Elementor design.

Style Kits is the perfect companion for Elementor Hello theme

Style Kits offer the Typographic and color control that you need in Elementor’s plain canvas Hello theme, making it a perfect add-on that will transform your workflow and give you site-wide control.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, as long as it runs on a self-hosted WordPress installation and has Elementor activated. 

It works with any theme that is compatible with Elementor.

No, you do not need to have Elementor Pro in order to use the Style Kits.

In some templates, only the contact form widget is used which is an Elementor Pro Element, but you can easily replace with your own contact form shortcode.

They help you design layouts with consistency, scalability and most importantly, a single place of control for your most important design styles: Typography, Spacing and, (soon) Colours.

After you activate the plugin, you will find a new set of handful controls at the page style panel, in the Elementor Editor.

These controls allow you to control the typography, spacing and button styles, for your whole layout, or if you choose so, your whole website.

Then, after you are happy with your design styles, you can save them as a Style Kit, which is nothing else but a saved selection of your styles.

you can apply this Style Kit to any other page, or globally. See how to make a global Style Kit.

You can visit our Support site at which is continuously updated.

Yes you can. You can use the templates in any number of personal or client projects. But please make sure you read the Terms of use and licensing of the templates.

Click on the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page and trigger a live chat with us, otherwise leave us a message and we will get back to you!

Access the Style Kits controls from anywhere

There is a shortcut for the Style Kits panel, accessible from anywhere, via the right-click menu.

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