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1 site


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up to 5 sites


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up to 1000 sites


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Plans renew yearly with a 20% discount of the original price.



Global Theme Style Presets
Limited access
Unlimited access
Container-based Pattern Library
Limited access
Limited access
Global Style Kit Fonts
up to 16 fonts
up to 48 fonts
Global Style Kit Colors
up to 16 colors
up to 48 colors
Container spacing presets
up to 8 presets
up to 24 presets
Global shadow presets
up to 8 presets
up to 24 presets
Style Kits front-end switcher
Hide any Style Kit reference based on user roles
Selectively de-activate Style Kits Panels
Layout Helper Tools (Inline Styles cleanup + more)
More than 10.000 Elementor-powered websites use Style Kits
“...I've been using Style Kits for Elementor as a part of my workflow and it has brought so many benefits. Giving greater control over global settings prevents having to set elements independently as well as a bunch of other great features. To top it off, their support is responsive and goes over and above. I highly recommend this plugin. ...”
Ryan Hudson

Frequent Questions

Yes. Although most features of Style Kits and Template Kits might work without Elementor Pro, to ensure your optimal experience we highly suggest that you use Elementor Pro. 

Definitely, at any point, you can log into your account and upgrade your plan. You will be billed the difference in the amount and you should be able to use Style Kits Pro on a bigger number of sites.

Subscriptions are renewed yearly on a 20% discount of the original price.

We believe that the Free version of Style Kits already offers enough functionality to give you an idea if Style Kits is a good fit for your workflow or not.

Additionally, the nature of the product is such, that can be easily abused. For example, users can purchase a pro plan, download the entire collection of Template kits, theme style presets and blocks, and then ask for a refund.

If you are still not sure if Style Kits Pro is a good fit for you, we encourage you to try out the free version, that will give you a good idea of the functionality and template workflow. The free version of Style Kits also allows to live preview all  the template kits.

In the unlikely event that you face serious issues with Style Kits and your setup, and these issues cannot be resolved at support, we can discuss a refund option for your case.

Priority support is provided to all customers. We use Helpscout as our support platform, which essentially translates into simple email-based communication.

You can either send a support request anytime, by visiting this page:

Also, make sure to check the documentation at

Feel free to send an email to support[at] or simply use the chat icon at the bottom right of this page. We’ll get back to you asap.

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