Style Kits Pro, coming soon

Premium Template Kits

Enjoy even more flexible design control with a collection of Pro Template Kits and Blocks library that is always curated and updated.

Power-up your workflow with Pro features

Global Form Styles

Set the default styling for your contact forms, and manage consistently throughout your templates.

Premium Blocks Library

A mix-and-match library of blocks. Modular approach for infinite combinations of design patterns for any project.

Advanced Color control

Separate heading colors, improved background color classes and more.

Template Kits Library

A collection of more than 100 templates, including theme builder templates for singles and archives.

More design controls

Deeper design control with more meaningful features that will help you get more consistent and productive in Elementor design.

User Role Management

Enable / disable Style Kit modules (templates, blocks, dashboard settings for each user role, and choose what your client sees.

User Role Management

Enable/disable Style Kits Library in the Elementor editor and the dashboard, based on user roles. Useful when you want to take Style Kits into stealth mode for your editors or clients.

Form Styles

Define the default styles of the contact form widget, and get a consistent style throughout your forms.

CSS helper shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts that will help you identify which elements have custom CSS applied on them, and / or which ones have custom classes.

Easily identify all custom classes on any element. Perfect for if you apply custom classes on elements a lot, but you tend to keep track of them.

Accent background class

Extend your background colors with consistency with a new SK class for adding an accent color background.

Per-Heading colors

Select a different color for each of your headings (H1-H6)

Unsplash Integration

Direct access to curated Unsplash Collections from the WordPress or Elementor Editor. Browse collections by AnalogWP or connect your own Unsplash profile and browse through your own collections.

Premium Blocks

Blocks that adapt to your design styles right out of the box.
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Style Kits Free vs PRO



Text and Headings Typography

Text and Headings Sizes

Column Gaps

Outer Section Padding

Buttons Styling

Heading, text and accent colors

Light & Dark backgrounds

Accent background

Different Heading colors

Global Forms styling

Premium Template Kits

Premium Blocks

Premium Style Kits

Helper CSS Shortcuts

Unsplash Integration

User Role management

Premium Support

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"When I saw Style Kits, my jaw dropped. THIS is the final piece of the puzzle that makes building truly scalable layouts with Elementor a reality. Absolute genius! Style Kits changes everything"
Dave Foy
No Fear Funnels
"Style Kits solve the real problem you would face while building websites with Elementor - Global Styling Controls. Changing style settings for every element is a painful task and can lead to inconsistent design. Style Kits beautifully handles everything."
Puneet Shahalot
Idea Box Creations

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