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After activating the Style Kits plugin you will find a convenient wizard flow that optimises your Environment for a seamless experience with Style Kits.

You can always bypass the wizard by clicking the “Skip Wizard” link and proceed to setting up things manually if you prefer. At any point, you can trigger the wizard again by clicking the button under Style Kits → Settings.


The wizard is extremely useful when used in a fresh installation. You can always test it on a blank TasteWP instance. You can also disable any of the suggested actions, by de-activating the related toggle.

Here is an overview of the actions that are performed in this flow:

Install and Activate Elementor

Elementor needs to be active in order to use Style Kits. If you haven’t already, this action will install and activate the free version of Elementor from the WordPress repository.

Enable Elementor Container Experiment

In order to take advantage of the container-based pattern library of Style Kits, as well as the new UI and features, it is highly suggested that you enable the Containers experiment under Elementor → Settings → Experiments. This action will enable the experiment for you automatically. You can always disable the experiment manually if you want.

Disable Elementor default colors and fonts

For Global Styles to work flawlessly, Elementor’s default colors and fonts need to be disabled under Elementor Settings. This will allow the styles to be inherited by the Global Theme Styles.

Install and Activate Elementor Hello theme.

This action will install and activate Elementor’s Hello theme into your website. If you want to use another theme, feel free to disable this toggle.

Import a starter Theme Style Preset

This action will import one of our starter Theme Style presets, and replace your Default Kit. Keep in mind that this action will affect the existing styles of your site, but your existing styles will not be lost. You can always revert back easily by changing your Global Style Kit.

Next steps

In the final step of the wizard you get prompted to either go to the Dashboard, or open a new template. This last option will create and trigger a draft Elementor template, where you can start importing patterns from the Style Kits library, or build your own custom layout.

Last updated on November 27, 2022

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