Meet Style Kits 1.9.5

As we approach the release of Style Kits 2.0, today we are introducing 1.9.5 which is major update with a ton of improvements.  We have been working on it for the last two months and we are happy to share some of the most important changes of this update. For detailed breakdown of all the […]

A roadmap for Style Kits 2.0

Hello friends. It’s been a while since we posted about upcoming features, so today is a great day to share with you some things we have been working on behind the scenes, for the last couple of months. In case you haven’t noticed, we have already started a series of updates that improve several aspects […]

Style Kits 1.9 – Meet Experiments

From now on, every new beta feature in Style Kits will be available as an experiment that you can individually enable/disable. Container Spacing Experiment. As we approach the release of core container element, we have been working on creating spacing presets so you can manage spacing with consistency. The logic is similar to the Outer […]

Using Elementor Global colors with Style Kits

Elementor Global Colors were introduced in Elementor version 3.0 along with the concept of Global Fonts. This opens some doors for experimentation and interplay with Style Kits, as we will describe in this post. We now have two “control gates” for color-styling our design system. Elementor’s Global colors and Style Kits Let’s take a look […]

Elementor 3 and Style Kits are fully compatible

While monitoring the Elementor’s beta versions and after a period of adaptations we are proud to say that Style Kits is fully compatible with Elementor 3. As it never happens with major updates, things rolled out smoothly, with minimum friction. There have been issues, but our team managed to stay on top of them and […]

Style Kits 1.6 Beta. Integrating with Theme Styles

A week after Elementor introduced Theme Styles in version 2.9+, we are happy to present you the first beta of Style Kits 1.6, where we are testing the integration of Style Kits into the native Theme Style Panel. We appreciate your help and feedback during this transitioning phase, so we can spot and fix any […]

Elementor Theme Styles and Style Kits: A roadmap for integration.

Introduction Elementor just rolled out a beta version of its long-awaited Theme Styles feature, opening the doors for global styling control over an entire Elementor-powered site.  Having actively researched this Global Styling concept for the last year with Style Kits, we welcome this essential update, which brings Style Kits a step closer to core absorption and […]

Style Kits 1.3.8 – Improved import method and template gallery

We are truly excited to present you Style Kits version 1.3.8, which brings us a step closer to Style Kits Pro, and introduces a number of enhancements and fixes. Let’s see what’s new. Optimized Template Gallery Template Gallery got a fresh coat of paint. And templates are not grouped by Template Kits. That’s right, from […]

Version 1.3 comes with a new name and button style controls

Howdy! After a silent period of hard work on improving our plugin, we are super excited to introduce you to version 1.3 which brings better stability, crucial bug fixes and Global Button Styling controls. What’s new in this version. You can always go through the detailed changelog here: You can go through the changelog, but […]

Meet Style Kits for Elementor (1.2 Beta)

We have been hard at work lately, refining the experience for the Page styles control we introduced in our last update. The feedback was strikingly positive, so we took things a bit further. Today we rolled out Analog Templates version 1.2 which brings a couple of interesting things on the table, and of course, two […]

Enhancing Elementor’s page styling settings in Analog Templates 1.1.2

Today we are excited to announce version 1.1.2 of Analog Templates for Elementor. This one brings an important feature which is now optionally available as beta for all users. Apart from that, we have brought several improvements, and of course some fresh Elementor template design. Page Styling settings One thing that we all struggle with […]

Analog Templates for Elementor v.1.1 is out

We are excited to share the first major update of Analog templates for Elementor. Version 1.1 has rolled out yesterday so today is perfect to discuss the new features it brings and the roadmap we are working on. Let’s dive in. What the new update brings If you are already using Analog Templates for Elementor, […]

Introducing Analog Templates for Elementor (Beta)

Hello friends.  Our team is excited to share with you what we have been working on for the last three months. We developed a template gallery plugin for Elementor Page Builder, the most powerful page builder for WordPress. Activating the plugin gives you access to an ever-expanding collection of professionally-designed templates for Elementor, ready for […]

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