Introducing Analog Templates for Elementor (Beta)

Hello friends.  Our team is excited to share with you what we have been working on for the last three months. We developed a template gallery plugin for Elementor Page Builder, the most powerful page builder for WordPress. Activating the plugin gives you access to an ever-expanding collection of professionally-designed templates for Elementor, ready for import into your WordPress site.

Analog templates for Elementor

Our plugin is free to download and comes packed with 12 high-quality free templates for Elementor that you can use in any personal or client project. You can download the plugin right away by clicking here.

How it works

Install and activate Analog Templates for Elementor into your WordPress installation, just like you would do for any other plugin. Upon activation, you can jump straight to work and browse the library of our handcrafted templates! We know the importance of keeping your workflow consistent,  so everything happens where the action takes place: Inside the Elementor editor page.

The gallery popup featuring all the templates collection for Elementor

Browsing the template library

At your WordPress dashboard, create a new Static Page and Edit with Elementor. You will immediately spot a third round button in the main editor page, next to the two familiar Elementor buttons.

Click on the third button to trigger the Template Gallery Popup

Once you click on the button, you will trigger the Analog Templates library popup. From there, you can browse the library, preview the templates, and import the one that works for you into your page.


The Analog WP dashboard panel

After activation of the plugin, you should also see a new panel at your Admin dashboard. This brings up the Analog Templates gallery, but out of the pop-up context.


The Elementor template gallery in the Dashboard panel context


Importing templates from the AnalogWP panel

If you want to browse the template gallery from the dashboard panel, you now have two options for importing:

  • Import into Library
  • Import into a  new page

What happens in each case is quite straightforward and gives you total workflow flexibility for your website building.


Optionally import your Elementor template in Saved templates or into a new page


We want Analog Templates to become an established design asset in the toolkit of the modern WordPress developer/ designer. Most importantly, a design resource for rapid website development that is consistent and scalable. With an experience of over 7 years in the market of Premium theme and product design, we have learned what really makes a good design template through everyday design practice and niche research.

Elementor is a tool build for rapid layout re-arrangement, customization and depth of integration. Therefore we welcome our users to harness the cutting edge building capabilities and adapt the templates to be a perfect fit for their own content. 

Let us know what you think!

Go ahead and download the plugin and let us know what you think. Browse, preview import and reverse engineer, build upon our templates. We look forward to hearing back from you!


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