Version 1.3 comes with a new name and button style controls

Howdy! After a silent period of hard work on improving our plugin, we are super excited to introduce you to version 1.3 which brings better stability, crucial bug fixes and Global Button Styling controls.

What’s new in this version.

You can always go through the detailed changelog here: You can go through the changelog, but let’s go through a quick overview of the most important ones.

Analog templates are now officially Style Kits

Instead of Analog Templates for Elementor, we are now Style Kits for Elementor. We hope you like the switch. There is no action required by your side, just keep an eye for Style Kits now in your Plugin list. Once you update, It’s Style Kits 🙂

We feel it’s the right thing to do, and here is why:

Our approach to Elementor template design inspired the need for a tool like Style Kits. The point was not only to create a good template, but to be able to manage the design with consistency and scalability.

The feedback we received from the community was more than inspiring, and it did not take long to understand that we had surfaced a unique approach with huge potential.

We do not aspire to be only a template gallery plugin, but a design framework that boosts Elementor web design workflow through intuitive concepts and recipes.

Lastly, we realized many of our users were already referencing the plugin as Style Kits instead of Analog Templates, so we think it will be a seamless transition.

Button Styling Controls are now part of a Style Kit

In this version, you can find a new panel in the Style Kits area, where you can set the styles of different sizes of your buttons. That’s right, no more copying and pasting button styles, you can now get a default, re-usable style for every size.

Add some buttons in your editor, assign sizes to them and set a different style per size.


During the first period of testing, big challenges emerged. We had to deal with multiple Style Kits being applied on the page. Consider using a Style Kit on your header template, and another one for the rest of the page. We solved this by restricting the scope of each Style Kits within wrappers, so one will not interfere with the other.

Although we do not recommend the use of multiple style kits on the same page, this solution works efficiently well.

We had to deal with the scenario of multiple editor tabs open. Editing and updating the Style Kit of an open page/tab, now triggers a popup to the other open tabs that helps you stay in Sync with the latest Style Kit changes. It also saves accidental overwrites of styles.

Apart from the above we solved a number of other minor problems and pushed a number of fixes which we hope you will enjoy.

The state of templates

Currently, our template library needs some more work. We need to remove any hard styles from the elements and use the Page Styles panel to globally control the typography and spacing.

For the templates that are already Style-Kit-ready, you will now see a popup that gives you context and options. For these templates, you can control the typography and spacing from the Page styles panel.

If you are happy with the styles you can save them as a Style Kit, and apply on any page, or globally.


We are a small team with full todo lists. If you want to help us feel free to get in touch with us for an open hiring position. We are looking for an Elementor Developer and Designer to help us develop the plugin and assist with design maintenance.


We know our priority is documentation, videos, and best practices. We appreciate your patience while we organize our workflow to set these on course.


Next feature we are working on is color management. We are working on a flexible color system that will create dynamic color relationships between Style Kits and Templates.


Our users need to have a consistent experience regarding templates. We are converting all the template library into Style-Kit-ready templates and we will start building from there scalable layout systems that you can manage without losing your sanity.

Wrapping up.

We look forward to your input and feedback for this update. We really feel it solves crucial issues and introduces a handy feature for button controls.

We look forward to seeing what you will create with Style Kits, so don’t hesitate to ping us on Social or join our Facebook community.

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