Importing / Exporting Style Kits

Exporting from the Style Kits page In the dashboard, go to Style Kits → Theme Style Kits. This is where you find a list of all of your available Style Kits. You can export a Style Kit individually, simply by hovering over it on the list and clicking the Export Theme Style Kit. You will download a json file […]

Manage your Style Kits in the WordPress dashboard

Any saved Theme Style Kits are saved as custom template types and can be exported/imported into any other WordPress site that has the Style Kits activated. They are located in your Dashboard, under Style Kits → Theme Style Kits You may also want to see: What is a Style Kit Managing Style Kits In this […]

“The template is empty” error when exporting

This error usually happens when working with a very old version of Style Kits, and try to export it. How to fix If this error occurs, try to Save As your Style Kit and attempt to export again. In 99% of the cases, this fixes the issue.