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Style Kits work best with Flexbox containers, and we strongly recommend using them. This will allow you to use the container-based pattern library and the updated collection of Style Kits. Both of them are optimised to work with Containers.

If you are still using sections on your Elementor site and have not yet enabled the containers experiment, you will still have access to a number of deprecated (but still fully functional) templates and kits that were available before we switched to container-based assets. These include:

Template Kits

A collection of 15+ template Kits with theme builder templates. All these kits are made with Sections and columns. 

The Elementor Template Kit library by Style Kits

Our new container-based library, instead of Template Kits exclusively includes Patterns that have been created using 100% containers.

Style Kits

More than 15+ Style Kits. These Kits however, do not make use of our Global Style Kit Font and Color variables. 

Elementor Theme Style Presets

De-activating the new container-based library

If you install Style Kits on a new website with Containers enabled, you will see the new container-based library by default. 

However, you still have the option to switch back to the deprecated library. To do so deactivate the Style Kits “Container based library” Experiment under Settings. You will then experience the old, deprecated library of Template Kits.

Last updated on January 19, 2023

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