Exporting and importing Style Kits across websites

You can export any of the Style Kits that are available in your Local Style Kits page, and import them to another website.  Exporting from the local Style kits In the Local Style Kits page, you can export a Style Kit individually, simply by hovering over it on the list and clicking the Export Theme […]

The local Style Kits page

The Local Style Kits page contains a list of all the available Style Kits in your website. Any Style Kit that you imported from the Style Kits library, as well as any custom Style Kit that you may have created, will be available on this page, which is located in your Dashboard, under Style Kits […]

Importing global style presets from the Style Kits Library

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXNgbZOBvVo Style Kits for Elementor comes packed with a number of global theme style presets (Style Kits) that you can import, customise and apply on your website globally, or on any page. In this article we will go through the process of importing Style Kits. The Style Kits Library Style Kits are available in the Style […]