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With the Style Kits affiliate program not only will you be earning some extra cash, but you will also be helping others discover a powerful tool that can help them create beautiful websites and optimise their design workflow in Elementor.  

Here are some reasons why to join our affiliate program:

30% commission rate

As an affiliate, you can earn a whopping 30% commission for every sale you generate via your referral link. This means that the more customers you refer to us, the more money you’ll earn.

30-day tracking cookie

Plus, we offer a 30-day tracking cookie, which means that even if your referral doesn’t make a purchase right away, you’ll still get credit if they come back and buy later on.

Affiliate Portal

Our affiliate program also offers a robust affiliate portal to keep track of everything, including clicks, impressions, conversion rates, and payouts. This makes it easy to monitor your progress and optimize your marketing efforts.

Paypal Payouts

When it comes to payments, we make it easy by offering monthly payouts through PayPal. This means you can get paid quickly and securely, without any hassle.

Custom referral URL slugs and direct site linking

You can create your own referral URLs by adding the slug of your choice. Additionally, you can optionally link directly from your website, without the need to use a referral link.

Last updated on February 22, 2023

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