Using Elementor Global colors with Style Kits

Elementor Global Colors were introduced in Elementor version 3.0 along with the concept of Global Fonts. This opens some doors for experimentation and interplay with Style Kits, as we will describe in this post. We now have two “control gates” for color-styling our design system. Elementor’s Global colors and Style Kits Let’s take a look […]

Making use of a layout color system in Elementor template kits

In this article we will go through an overview of how color is globally managed in the Style Kits template library. Introduction Consistent, layout-wide color management in Elementor is a struggle. But it does not need to be. In Style Kits, color is consistently used  and dynamically managed, for each template kit.  Practically, this means that […]

Elementor Theme Styles and Style Kits: A roadmap for integration.

Introduction Elementor just rolled out a beta version of its long-awaited Theme Styles feature, opening the doors for global styling control over an entire Elementor-powered site.  Having actively researched this Global Styling concept for the last year with Style Kits, we welcome this essential update, which brings Style Kits a step closer to core absorption and […]

How to customize the default Elementor Column Gap presets

Update: If you are working with Containers, check out the Container Spacing Presets in the latest Style Kits versions. Elementor Column Gaps is a control available in every Section of our layouts and templates. What it actually does, is to add padding in the column(s) that the section contains. This has the same effect as manually […]

How to globally manage typography in Elementor Hello Theme

Managing typography in Elementor hello theme

Heads up! This is an old article. Style Kits now helps you manage Typography with Global Style Kit Fonts. Learn more Elementor Hello theme is a lightweight, free theme by Elementor. It works as a clean canvas for your Elementor-powered site. And it is true, that with the flexible options and features that Elementor Pro […]

Creative design in Elementor with PowerPack add-on

Elementor, which started as a simple page builder has now evolved to a much bigger platform. Not just web pages, with elementor you can design full functioning websites quickly and that too without touching a single line of code. Since it’s inception, elementor has created an ecosystem of its own and in this ecosystem, came […]

Elementor Design: Creating brand-consistent layouts

What happens when you feel that the design style and texture of your Elementor layout is a bit out of tune with your branding? Is your logo super smooth but you are too sharp and angular in design? Does the branding tone and niche scream for another type of fonts, yet you are still stuck […]

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