How to globally manage typography in Elementor Hello Theme

Managing typography in Elementor hello theme

Heads up! With the introduction of Theme Styles in Elementor 2.9 you can now manage Typography more effectively in the new Theme Style Editor. See how Style Kits can extend the Theme Style flexibility for a better design workflow in Elementor. Learn More Elementor Hello theme is a lightweight, free theme by Elementor. It works […]

Friday Freebie – Three fresh Elementor popups you can use in your layouts

Free Elementor popups post cover

With the recent Elementor Popups builder addition, popups are gaining some serious traction and becoming even more popular as a UX pattern. Now their design and conditional setup is tightly integrated in Elementor, making it a self-containing marketing toolkit. And this simply rocks. Download three Elementor popups for free I admit that I was too late […]

How to generate and add blob background graphics in Elementor layouts

With the latest control features for background graphics that Elementor introduced this January, new possibilities opened for more spicy, device-agnostic backgrounds. Populating our sections with subtle background graphics is a great common practice but like most things it should be executed in a balanced way and context. An easy concept to get started if you are […]