Friday Freebie – Three fresh Elementor popups you can use in your layouts

With the recent Elementor Popups builder addition, popups are gaining some serious traction and becoming even more popular as a UX pattern. Now their design and conditional setup is tightly integrated in Elementor, making it a self-containing marketing toolkit. And this simply rocks.

Download three Elementor popups for free

I admit that I was too late to experiment with Elementor Popups builder. But once I experienced the cutting-edge management and creation, I just could not get inspirational ideas in my head. Here are three Elementor popups that you can download for free, and use them in your layouts, personal or commercial. You can preview them by clicking the buttons below, and download them as .json file to import into your library. 

What next?

To pop or not? I would definitely advise some reading on the UX side of Popups. They are here to improve our users experiences, not ruin it by over-use. Elementor popups are extremely easy to use, offering very engaging experiences if used right. So, design responsibly and keep your marketing funnels and user flows logically consistent. Show and clear the way for the user with your popup design, instead of blocking it with a popup in the wrong place and timing.

Below are some links from the literature I came across lately, would totally recommend them as a read:

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This full-viewport popup design uses an svg blob design over a solid background colour. Everything is aligned in the center.  Fonts are Rufina and Overpass Mono.And we love them for that.


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