H1. Page Title

Heading 1 is used as Page title in posts, pages and other layouts.

H2. Section title

Heading 2 is used in section titles

H3. Feature Title

Heading 3 is used for feature titles, icon boxes, and secondary titles

H4. List title

Heading 4 addresses deeper nesting of information



Text XXL - Page Description

The XXL Text size is used for page and hero section descriptions

Text XL - Intro / testimonial

The XL Text size is used for introductory text in posts, quotes and testimonials

Text Large - Main text

The Large text size is used as the main body text

Text Medium - Excerpt

Medium Text size is used in excerpts

Text Small - Caption

Small text size is used in Caption



Primary / Links / Icons color


Secondary / button color


Dark Background Color


Light Background Color



Button Sizes

Extra Large Size is used on Call to Action Buttons in Hero sections

Large Size is used in Contact forms, and secondary call to Action Buttons

The Medium Sized button is styled as a ghost button (border-only) and used in secondary call to actions.

Small buttons are used in Post type Grids and secondary Call to Action

Extra Small buttons are styled as text links. Used in Grids content.


Default Column Gap

The Default column Gap defines the padding of the columns in your Elementor Layouts.

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