The finest collection of Free Elementor Template Kits

The FREE version of Style Kits for Elementor includes a free collection of cross-modular template kits. They come with built-in global stying controls, and customizing them to match your brand will only take minutes.

Global Typography control

Enjoy global, responsive control over your Typography in Elementor, through dedicated panels for Body and Headings.

Global Button Styles

Control the color and styling for every size of your Elementor buttons, and manage them globally.

Global Colors

Define the default colors for typography, links and buttons. Create sections with dynamic background colors.

Get started with these free template Kits and experience Elementor design like never before

Download the Free version of Style Kits, that includes more than 25 templates


Plug and play templates based on a consistent structural approach.

Clean layouts, without inline styles

Typography, spacing, color and more are controlled globally with Style Kits, and layouts are imported with clean styles by default.

Direct template import

No more json template imports. Download directly from the cloud, from within the Elementor editor

Consistent, mix-and-match modularity

Combine sections between any template kit in the same layout, and watch them co-exist in your global, consistent styling.


Download Style Kits for Elementor. It's Free.

All these template Kits are included in the free version of Style Kits. With the free version you also get global design control for all the templates of the template Kit.

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