The finest collection of Free Elementor Templates

The Style Kits template gallery gives you Free access to a collection of cross-modular templates for Elementor. Enjoy global styling control powered by Style Kits, and scale-up your layouts with consistency.
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Clean layouts, with no manual styles

Typography, spacing, color and more are controlled globally with Style Kits, and most of the element properties are left to defaults.

Meaningful layouts with theme builder templates

Even in the free collection you will find templates for singles, archives and more.

Scale-up your templates with consistency

Enjoy spacing consistency among the outer sections of your layout by applying padding presets.

A plug and play cloud library for direct template import

No more json template imports. Download directly from the cloud by directly accessing them in the Elementor Editor


Plug and play templates based on a consistent structural approach.

The underlying template system is consistent on all the templates, and highly customisable. 

You can always use sections from multiple templates. As long as your layout uses a Style Kit, all sections will inherit the styles you use giving you consistency at the block level.

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