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Style Kits for Elementor tracks a specific set of data about your system to help us optimize the plugin and troubleshoot any issues that might be specific to your setup.

For licensing purposes, we also track your website’s url and data that is related to template import:

  • Site URL
  • Plugin Usage
    • Date of Import
    • Method of Import (whether imported to page, Elementor library)
    • Template Imported


This data also helps us understand how our users use the plugin and align with their expectations in terms of user experience.


Information you can opt-in or opt-out

The only personal data we collect is the admin’s email (or any email address you want to use) when you subscribe to our newsletter via the form at the settings page.

To opt-in for the data tracking, go to Dashboard > Style Kits > Settings tab and check ‘Usage Data Tracking’. You can opt-out from the tracking at any time by unchecking ‘Usage Data Tracking’.

This is the information that is sent to us when you choose to opt-in:

  • Site Language
  • Email
  • WordPress Version
  • AnalogWP Templates plugin version
Last updated on December 22, 2022

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