The tools you need to build more consistent websites with Elementor.

Style Kits offers the most advanced template kit library for Elementor, and a design framework to help you build more consistent websites, faster.

Template Kits & Patterns

A mix-and-match library of globally controlled template kits and patterns

Global Style presets

Ready-made global site presets (Style Kits) to apply on any page or globally

Global design controls

Container & sections spacing, button sizes, background presets and more

Template Kits & Patterns

Mix-&-match Template Kits & Patterns with shared global design control

One-of-a-kind templates and blocks that are powered by theme style presets. Forget inline styles on the elements and manage every aspect of the design from Global Styles.

Global Design controls

Extend the flexibility of global theme Styles with more design control

Style Kits provides intuitive design controls that extend the functionality of Elementor's Global theme styles.
Style Kits

Import and use multiple global style presets

Import pre-made global styles presets (Style Kits) customise or make your own.

Apply any Style Kit on any page

You can use a global style preset on a specific page (or pages) or set it as global and apply on your entire site.

Swap Style Kits on Templates and patterns

All our templates and patterns are built on a shared setup. Try out different Style Kits on the same layout, and customise the one that's closer to what you look for.

Import/export, customise and extend

Manage your Global Style Presets across sites and extend to your own design framework for rapidly deploying styles.

Template Kits & Patterns

A mix-and-match library of template kits and blocks that you can easily customise and extend.

18+ Global Style presets

Import more than 18+ theme style presets and get an unfair design advantage in Elementor design.

Global design tools

Intuitive controls and tools that add true value and flexibility to your Elementor design workflow.

Get Started with Style Kits Pro

Skyrocket your design workflow in Elementor and build better, more consistent sites with Style Kits.

More than 10.000 elementor-powered sites use Style Kits

“...This plugin saves us lots of time when building sites, it enhances the Elementor global settings and adds much-needed options...”
Ryan Hudson
"I really love Style Kits for Elementor. Together with the Hello theme you are completely in control of building your own original site, without having to be a web developer.."
"From a designer/agency point of view, Style Kits provides what we need to rinse and repeat sites quickly. And with some simple tweaks, each new website is given a unique brand overhaul in a matter of minutes... site-wide!"
"This plugin helps, you get the extras that you would have to pay for and provides even more templates, and ways to style your page. A real win."

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