Helper Tools

Keyboard shortcuts for custom CSS highlight, inline styles cleanup and many more intuitive features are included in Style Kits Pro

A set of tools for your Elementor design workflow

In Style Kits you will find meaningful features that will vastly improve your workflow.

Custom CSS Highlight

With a simple keystroke combo, you can highlight the elements that have custom Classes or custom CSS applied on them

Layout cleanup actions

Instantly clean your layout from inline styles on typography, color or layout, and make your templates global-style-ready.

User role management

Time for project handover? Manage the visibility of Style Kits for specific user roles and hide any functionality from your client.

Unsplash integration

Import Unsplash images into your site from the dashboard. Access collections from unsplash accounts (including yours).

Export Theme Style CSS

A function for those who want to export the custom CSS of their Theme Style preset. For whatever reason.

Create multiple Theme Style Presets and apply on any page

Style Kits offers you the ability to use more than one, global, theme style preset. Create as many presets as you want and apply on any page. Export and import theme style presets from one site to the other and skyrocket your productivity.

Get Started with Style Kits Pro

Skyrocket your design workflow in Elementor and build better, more consistent sites with Style Kits.
"Style Kits for Elementor is a very cool idea for consistent styling of a website. I like that (Style Kits) they can be applied on a per page/post basis as well as globally and site-wide, if you choose to do so. Great helper, keep up the good work!"

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